Let's Make Some Pour Decisions

Hi, I'm Maria!

I'm the Pour Decisions Sommelier. I am a private Sommelier to people of status for high-end dinner partiers, soirees, or just for your own personal wine cellar. Here you will find different offerings of mine, monthly recommendations, and additional ways to contact me. 

I'm happy you are here, cheers!

Wine Cellar Buyer

Ready to refresh your cellar for yourself and pull a wine you'll enjoy every time?  My background in supply chain and expertise in wine will give you the peace of mind that your wine is not only delicious, but a sound investment, too.

Party Pairing Planner

Time to impress your guests! Catered specifically to the night, any food and/or other drinks, and time of day this service is made for the host or hostess with the most. I continuously receive requests to pass along the wine list for guests to buy after the party. It is a no brainer - the best parties serve the best wine.